Production management methods

Production management methods

Production management methods are an essential part of running a successful manufacturing business. Proper production management allows companies to optimize production processes, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve product quality….

Production management methods

Lean Manufacturing, Kanban and Benchmarking are production management methods that aim to increase efficiency and improve quality in production processes. Lean Manufacturing is an approach based on eliminating waste and improving processes through continuous improvement. Kanban is a method of organizing production that enables the smooth flow of materials and information through the use of kanban cards.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is an approach to production management that aims to eliminate all forms of waste and optimize processes. It is a principles-based system that seeks to maximize efficiency by minimizing waste and reducing unnecessary activities.

One of the main tenets of Lean Manufacturing is to focus on customer value. All actions are taken to deliver a product or service of the highest quality that meets customer expectations.
One of the tools used in Lean Manufacturing is Kanban. It is a visual management system that uses cards or placards to control the flow of materials and information in the manufacturing process. This avoids excessive inventory build-up and keeps production flowing.


Benchmarking is one of the key methods of production management, which aims to compare one’s own processes and results with industry best practices. It is an important tool that allows companies to identify areas where they can improve their operations and achieve greater efficiency.
The primary goal of benchmarking is to understand what practices and strategies the best companies in the industry are using, and then adapt them to your own needs. This helps avoid making the same mistakes that have already been identified and solved by others.

Benchmarking can address various aspects of production, such as delivery time, product quality, line efficiency or cost.


Kanban is one of the production management methods that aims to streamline the production process by optimizing the flow of materials and information. This Japanese method is based on the principle of “just-in-time” (the right quantity at the right time) and was pioneered by Toyota in the 1940s.
The main goal of kanban is to minimize losses due to overstocking and the associated costs. Under kanban, each part or product is assigned a kanban card, which contains information on the quantity needed for production, location and delivery date. When a part is taken out of stock, the kanban card is returned, signaling that it needs to be replenished.

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